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Video 1: Universal Truth Of Attraction 
Duration: 10:19 min

Video 2: Self-Enhancement Mantra
Duration: 6:05 min

Video 3: Unlocking Your Ultimate Potential 
Duration: 6:05 min

Video 4: Empty Your Mind 
Duration: 6:05 min

Video 5: Attracting Your True Calling 
Duration: 15:40 min

Video 6: 'Force' The Universe 
Duration: 7:45 min

Video 7: Wealth Attraction Mantra 
Duration: 6:02 min

Video 8: Health Attraction Mantra 
Duration: 8:03 min

Video 9: Affection Attraction Mantra 
Duration: 6:30 min

Video 10: Overflowing Abundance 
Duration: 8:34 min
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